Paris Makes Africa Her Personal Villa

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Leave it to Paris Hilton to go all the way to Africa – and still get a big party for herself organized in less than 24 hours.

paris hilton

People reports that Hiltie just had to get her groove on in Johannesburg, and even though it was her BF Benji that was on tour, Paris totally hogged the spotlight – he went “totally unnoticed.”

And when Paris got the chance to shout-out to her pals on the hot mic, what did she say? That she loved “South Africa, the accent, and everyone.” So much for jet lag: P. stayed out until 2:30 a.m.

TMZ March 2008


Cashmere Mafia get the axe

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With disappointing ratings across the board in a number of key regions, comedy drama Cashmere Mafia will be axed with only seven episodes ever being produced according to reports from the Washington Post.

Throughout its seven episode duration, the program starring Lucy Liu and Miranda Otto lost almost six million of its 10.72 million viewer premiere; the final episode achieved ratings of just 4.77 million, and was only the third highest rating program regularly in its timeslot.

Should a second series have been produced, questions may have been raised over its return to Australian television, with ratings declining nearly twenty percent in its opening weeks on the Nine network.

Thirteen episodes were originally to have been produced for Cashmere Mafia’s first and only season, but only seven were ever broadcast due to the writer’s strike.

Miranda Kerr

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SUPERMODEL Miranda Kerr blushed as she spoke for the first time about new boyfriend Orlando Bloom – admitting: “He’s a sweetheart.”

Miranda Kerr

The Lord of the Rings hunk was dating the stunning Victoria’s Secret model in secret – but was outted when they were spotted kissing in public.

Even so, Kerr blushed when asked about the romance which neither has officially confirmed, reports in and

Talking to a reporter about her passion for yoga, she was asked if she ever practices with Orlando. “Ugh. Ha, ha, ha!” she stuttered, before finally managing, “Well, I’m sure he does yoga.”

She blushed as she then added: “He’s a sweetheart and that’s all I’m gonna say. Sweetheart.”

Asked if they spent Valentines Day together, she laughed: “I can’t tell you!”

“I work for Victoria’s Secret – but that’s my secret.”

The duo were in part brought together because of their spiritual beliefs.

Orlando has spoken out about his Buddhist beliefs, and Kerr said: “I practice Japanese Buddhism.

“At the heart of it all, it’s about practicing peace.”

Read how Kerr stood up to diva Paris Hilton here.

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